It’s been a little more than 2 years since we launched our new website. We’ve made some changes since then, both here and in the guild, and I wanted to you give you, dear visitors, a little update :


You don’t need to log in/register anymore, all our content is public !

Forum posts were turned into individual pages that you can find under the Guides section. You can learn more about the guild, our rules and ranks. Game guides are mostly for beginners but even veteran players may find interesting information 😉 You might be especially interested in our starter guide (which lists the “canon order” for questing) and our add-on guide (with a list of recommended add-ons !).

The fishing map project is still on-going and up to date with the latest DLCs !


Our Discord server has been completely revamped 🙂 Channels are more specific so it’s easier to ask for/find information. We now have a pets channel and a dedicated ESO channel category (game questions, LFG, crafting/item/service exchange). Just click here to join !

Roles are clearer and our Captains finally stand out from the crowd 😉


@Streega has stepped down as GM and passed down the leadership to me. She’s still around as a member of the council and helping out whenever she can. As such, the council itself is still the same as it has been for the past 3-4 years. House Tertia prides itself on being a stable guild that’s still following its original vision.

Our Captains (senior officers) have been taking on a bigger role in the guild and leading vet DLC dungeon runs twice a week ! We’ve also welcomed two new Captains recently : @SnoozingSloth and @Sohkathoa.

We’re regularly promoting new Lawmen (junior officers) who are in charge of welcoming our newest recruits and helping them navigate the guild (and the game if need be).

Wednesday and Saturday events are still going ! You can see the calendar in the event section. As a beginner-friendly guild, we’re keeping our events mostly casual but we’re also making our way through the veteran trials.

Applications are always open so don’t hesitate to come and join us if we sound like something you’re looking for 😀