The Story

House Tertia was founded on 5th of June 2016 by @pipelighter and @Streega, both equally fascinated by Dunmer culture. In-game we are proud to serve Lady Tertia, the House Matron. Due to the Lady’s multiple other commitments the House is being looked after by Duchess Korra of Tertia (@yunfangoldhag) who has proven herself by rising through the ranks to this most trusted position, with the Lady’s highest regard and support.

Now, let us introduce the guild and our esteemed Matron, Lady Tertia Herself – quoting the “Tertia Chronicles”, Vol. I:

House Tertia came into being under the auspices of Lady Tertia, who – under prompting from her adopted daughter – realised that Tamriel was in desperate need of strong, independent warriors, mages and healers who would operate on a basis of public need rather than alliance. The Lady was expelled from her original family in Morrowind due to unacceptable “misdemeanours” forcing her to make her own way in the world, becoming one of the most respected sorceresses in Tamriel (rumored to be the “hidden” 6th member of the Council of Five). Unusually for a Dunmer The Lady was susceptible to new ideas and ideologies. The Lady took stock of the situation in Tamriel, understanding that the various warring factions were being subjected to the anarchy of large groups of purely self-interested parties.

Against all traditions of her own background and that of her husband The Lady started to watch for individuals of a certain temperament and encouraged them to look to each other for support and companionship rather than being sucked into one of the anarchic groups previously mentioned and to provide these individuals with a background and life they could be proud of plus give them a real purpose. The Lady has been quietly “adopting” her various “finds” thus the family has grown into a multi-racial, multi-alliance and multi-class institution.

Never one to accept either forced tradition or convention one of the first Warriors “adopted” was a young Imperial girl, Pantherine, who has justified The Lady’s judgement by becoming a powerful templar capable of both fighting and healing at need. Lady Pantherine started to regularly partner a small but feisty Bosmer, Lady Saarephin, and her unusual companion, Orc Chieftan, Buran. There was some initial trepidation that such an unlikely partnership would flounder, but apparently “the water offered on the battlefield is thicker than the wine spilled by your father at the dinner” – bonds forged during hard times turned to be stronger than family affairs, political alliances and racial differences.

The Lady sees now that there is a need for other individuals to find a safe haven from which they may continue their efforts to progress and expand but who might benefit from friendly advice, assistance and instruction plus a background that is supportive across the board rather than to those who have already “proven” themselves.

Somewhere they can call Home.