Event Guidelines

These guidelines are not here to annoy you but to ensure smooth and pleasant runs for everyone in the group 🙂

Most of our guild runs are open to players/characters of any level and any experience. Our Wednesday events are especially designed for low levels (even a lvl1 doing 0 damage, yes 😉 ). As for our trial runs, only veteran trials are dps restricted (see “all about DPS“), but you do not need any experience to join them (except for specific runs like speed run). We will always explain the mechanics if anyone’s unfamiliar with them and no one will make fun of you for being « a noob ». We’re always happy to have first timers with us!

Follow the leader and listen to them! If you need to do a detour for a quest or to pick up something (shard, book, forgotten loot etc), please say so. If we see you going off to « do your own thing » with no explanation, we won’t know to wait for you. Try to stay in group and to stay behind the leader. This is especially important in public dungeons where bosses are hard to spot – they usually look like random enemies. If you accidentally kill a boss without everyone there, we’ll have to wait for respawn 😉

Wait for your group leader’s signal before starting a boss fight (and before a mob too in harder content). Your leader will make sure that everyone is here & ready and up to speed with the mechanics before starting. The tank starts and gets aggro from the boss before the DDs jump in! Don’t get on your tank’s bad side 😀

We share all enemy loot for free with a « first ask » first serve rule. Link in chat what you don’t want to keep after a boss (or link everything at the end of the run). If you spot something you want, it’s preferable to directly whisper the person to make sure they don’t miss it (group chat can be messy). Please specify if you’re asking for an item for your sticker book!

Don’t hesitate to send any feedback/comment/suggestion you have to your group leader or, more generally, to our PvE raid leaders (@MostHighElf and @Bhaji). Request an event (if you need a set or achievement for ex.), report a player or behavior, ask for accommodations (slower pace, written mechanics, etc).

Finally, be patient! We’re all human beings behind our screens! We probably won’t start right on time. We may have to pause and wait for someone. We might need to repeat what the mechanics are. Maybe someone is playing a role for the first time and need some time to get used to it. We’re all here to learn and, most importantly, have fun!

Please make sure you have Discord installed & set up before our trial runs (and certain Wednesday events). It’s a lot easier to coordinate and give quick instructions on voice. You don’t have to talk, only your group leader has to (poor thing), but the more the merrier ! Most of us aren’t native English speakers and no one will make fun of your accent 😉

Check out this post describing the content & organization of the events!

Event Calendar

Use the below link to subscribe to our Events Calendar.

Simply copy-paste the plain text link into your Calendar, Smarthpone, Outlook, etc.