Dear Guests and Members of House Tertia,

Feel free to browse our website. You do not need to register/log in anymore – everything has been made public.
Please tell us what you think about the page – any suggestions will be much appreciated and you are welcome to contribute by submitting content for the guides or the gallery.

Help us build a friendly, helpful, and happy community!
– Streega and Yun


It’s been a little more than 2 years since we launched our new website. We’ve made some changes since then, both here and in the guild, and I wanted to you give you, dear visitors, a little update : Website You don’t need to log in/register anymore, all our content [...]

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Welcome to the new website!

Welcome to our new guild website! Please take a moment to register and fully enjoy all the features this site has to offer. In this very first post we'd like to take a moment and get you up-to-speed with all the website changes. What we have cooked up so far: [...]

By |October 13th, 2018|

About House Tertia

House Tertia is a small, casual, mostly PvE oriented guild in the Elder Scrolls Online Game (PC EU server) which was founded on 06-May-2016. We have members from almost all European countries and a few “outsiders” too – that’s why we use English as our official guild language. After almost three years spent roaming Tamriel we have a strong core of experienced, active players who are ready to welcome new members and help them on every path. We keep our numbers low (under 150 members) to maintain a familiar atmosphere in the guild.

We are looking for mature, well-spoken, and friendly folk at any level. The guild is based in Aldmeri Dominion, but we’ll gladly welcome brave warriors and crafters from any alliance. We have a Guild Hall with every service available in the game: Merchant, Banker, all basic Crafting Stations, Transmute Station, and two Training Dummies. Many friendly werewolves and vampires are ready to share their gift with fresh meat, free of charge of course.

Besides every day social activities, our guild is currently focused on improving our skills and completing all veteran dungeons. We do visit Cyrodiil sometimes, but we still have a lot to learn on the PvP fields…

If you’re interested in joining us, check out our rules and join our Discord Server (How to Discord?)

You can contact our team in game:

The Council: @Yunfangoldhag (GM), @Streega, @pipelighter and @Riryl

Captains (Senior Officers): @MostHighElf, @Tiffi-Laughwood, @sohkahtoa

Lawmen (Junior Officers): @Bhaji, @Das.MoB, @Lisa66, @camiel, @CmdrShapeless, @NorthernApe, @Juarezz, @ThatGuyYouLove, @holken11

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