There are events twice a week. Events are announced in advance on Discord (#events channel), on the website (events page) and in-game, so make sure to regularly check the pinned messages on Discord, the calendar (you can even subscribe to it 😉 ) and our MOTD (Message Of The Day) on the home tab of our guild, accessible by pressing "G" in-game. Event calendars are monthly and I post them at the beginning of the month.

Saturday Events

On Saturdays, we’re doing Trials. These are 12 people dungeons, and are also called “raids”.

There are 3 non-DLC ones, all in Craglorn :

  • AA = Aetherian Archive
  • HRC = Hel Ra Citadel
  • SO = Sanctum of Ophidia

And several DLC ones :

  • MoL = Maw of Lorkhaj in Reaper’s March (Thieves Guild DLC)
  • HoF = The Halls of Fabrication in Vvardenfell (Morrowind DLC)
  • AS = Asylum Sanctorium in The Brass Fortress (Clockwork City DLC)
  • CR = Cloudrest in Summerset (Summerset DLC)
  • SS = Sunspire in Northern Elsweyr (Elsweyr DLC)
  • KA = Kyne’s Aegis in Western Skyrim (Greymoor DLC)
  • RG = Rockgrove in Blackwood (Blackwood chapter)

We do most trials on normal but we occasionally try our hands at veteran trials : “n” or “v” in front of a trial’s acronym indicates the mode. For example : nMoL = normal Maw of Lorkhaj. vAA = veteran Aetherian Archive.

There is a rotation of ~5 weeks but it’s not set. Trials like nSS and nCR that drop sought-after gear (Relequen, Siroria, Olorime, False God, Lokkestiiz etc.) are usually done once a month while AS and HoF are done less regularly, and there is one veteran trial per month.

Who can come ?

All, except the veteran trials, will be open to everyone – no minimum level or DPS ! First timers and “newbies” are always very much welcome, mechanics will be clearly explained and no one will yell at you nor mock you if you mess up, so it’s a great opportunity to do a trial for the first time ! First timers will also have the opportunity to try the more “specific mechanics” like the maze in MoL and the platform in HoF. I ask for a minimum of 20k for the veteran Craglorn trials and 25k for vet hardmode → see the page about DPS.

How to sign up ?

There is a sign up system for these. You can sign up on the Discord #events channel or in-game by mailing me or whispering me (I’m @yunfangoldhag in-game) but Discord is best since I see it immediately ! Don’t forget to specify your role (DD, healer or tank). These events normally start at 9pm CE(S)T and end around midnight CE(S)T.

We are usually voice chatting on Discord during these events but it is not compulsory for anyone to be talking, except for me 😛 . For MoL, HoF and the veteran trials, it is required to at least be listening though. I can’t play and type in group chat at the same time and the mechanics are harder 😀

Wednesday Events

On Wednesdays, we’ll do “low level” aka. chill events !

There will be different “types” :

  • I’ll choose a non DLC zone and we’ll do the world bosses, dolmens, outer shards (outside delves) and the public dungeon (all bosses, quests, shard) there. This is really great for leveling up and getting achievements ! We’re doing them in order aka 1st zone of AD/DC/EP then 2nd zone etc.
  • I’ll pick 1 or 2 DLC zones and we’ll kill the bosses (with dailies) and grab the shards. We might also complete the delves. For example Hew’s Bane, Gold Coast and the Clockwork City are done together.
  • We’ll complete a chapter zone (or “former chapter zone”) over 2 events (Morrowind, Summerset, Northern Elsweyr, Western Skyrim, Blackwood) : 1 event for bosses (with dailies) + shards and 1 event for both public dungeons.
  • PvP, “PvE” in Cyrodiil and Imperial City : keep in mind these events will be very occasional as we’re not PvP oriented and most of our members are not really interested in it. Due to a lack of participation, these events are currently on stand-by.

Who can come ?

These events are open to everyone. Yes, even if you’re level 1 and you have no idea what you’re doing. Please do not be afraid to join us because you’re a bad player, you have low DPS etc. I know it’s very intimidating to be in a group with max level players (I remember) but these events are especially here for people like you ! I may be 810CP but I’m still a normal person don’t worry 😛 I will explain however much is necessary (even the most “basic things”) so if you’re a new player, it’s also an opportunity to learn many new things !

No sign up is required, you can join and leave the group whenever you want ! We won’t be redoing anything though so if you want all achievements be on time. These events will start at 9pm CE(S)T and end around 11pm CE(S)T since Thursday is a work day for many of us 😥

If you have any questions or suggestion, feel free to send them to @yunfangoldhag in-game or @The Chancellor (Yun) on Discord, or ask them in the #events channel on Discord !