In House Tertia, promotions are based on a member’s participation in our guild activities & in chat. Anyone has the opportunity to progress ! Here’s a description of each rank, what kind of participation we are looking for and what privileges you will be granted 😉


Welcome to House Tertia ! Get familiar with our guild’s members, activities, Discord server and website ! Guild bank access is restricted but you’ll be able to withdraw from time to time when we open the Guild Bank. You must obey The Conduct as a whole. Your chance to look us over and our chance to check you out 😉


You’ve been in the guild for a couple months but promotion is mostly dependent on participation. Very active members may get promoted within a month, while inactive members will stay as Associates no matter how long they’ve been there. You are regularly participating in guild activities (chat, events, pledge groups etc.). Discord is strongly suggested. You now have permanent access to the guild bank. You can withdraw as many items as you like as long as you put back some gold or items of similar value. Misuse of guild bank (withdrawing without putting anything back, selling guild bank items in guild stores etc.) will result in demotion to Associate, up to a kick + blacklisting in several guilds. We are checking guild roster +/- once a month for promotions but don’t hesitate to get in touch if you feel like your participation should grant you the Oathman rank !

Lawman (Junior Officer)

You’ve been in the guild for around 6 months (less if you’re very active), you must be on Discord, you’re up to date with what’s going on in the game and in the guild, and you are consistently participating in guild activities. You can now invite new members ! You are responsible for the members you invite (introducing them to the guild, checking on them from time to time and helping, inviting them to events) and you may also be asked to mentor newbies or bodyguard oldies 😉 . You’ll have access to our #office channel on Discord and you’ll be involved in some of the guild’s decisions ! We’ll be sending “Lawman recruitment calls” from time to time, but if you’re an Oathman and you feel like taking on a bigger role in the guild, don’t hesitate to get in touch with @yunfangoldhag !

Knight of Tertia (honorary title)

This honorary title is awarded to our most loyal members (~ 3+ years members). This rank doesn’t come with any responsibilities, although some Knights are also officers, this is more of a “thank you for sticking with us” 😉 While not all Knights are officers, they are all knowledgeable about the guild and the game so don’t hesitate to whisper one online if you have a question !

Counsellor & Ancestor

Guild leaders, chosen among our most faithful members !