What is a Twitch Drop ?

By watching certain streams on Twitch, you can earn Ouroboros Crates in-game !

Here’s the official Bethesda Twitch channel and here’s a list of all the ESO streams.
Check the official schedule to know which you should watch and when !

What are Ouroboros Crates ?

They’re crates exclusive to Twitch Drops ! Here’s a list of the items they drop. You’ll mostly get epic, fine and common rewards (apex and legendary rewards are very rare) which is, indeed, not very good, but you can exchange these for gems. Open the crates in-game with Pacrooti by pressing F3.

How to get Ouroboros Crates ?

You need to link your Bethesda, ESO and Twitch accounts.

  1. Create a Twitch account.
  2. Log into your ESO account (same username & password that you use to log into the game – if you’re using Steam and you forgot your password because of the automatic login, use “forgot password?”). On the left, choose “Linked Accounts”.
    All about Twitch Drops
  3. Click “Link Twitch Account”.
    All about Twitch Drops
  4. Create a Bethesda account. On the right, click on your username.
    All about Twitch Drops
  5. Go to “Linked Accounts”.
    All about Twitch Drops
  6. Click “Link” under Twitch.
    All about Twitch Drops
  7. Check on Twitch that it’s all linked properly. In the top right corner click on your username and choose “Settings”.
    All about Twitch Drops
  8. Then go to “Connections”.
    All about Twitch Drops
  9. And scroll down.
    All about Twitch Drops

What now ?

“Watch” a stream while logged in to your Twitch account and wait ! You don’t need to actually watch the stream but don’t minimize the window or it won’t “count”. Crates drop pretty quickly usually and you should receive a confirmation email, but it may take some days sometimes. Otherwise, just check in the crown crates menu, email may not have reached you.